Authorized Officers & Corporate Secretaries in the USA.

Authorized Officers & Corporate Secretaries in the USA

Acclime has a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals based throughout the USA who act as Authorized Officers or Company Secretaries for businesses expanding to the USA, but not yet ready to establish a large presence.

These appointees act as agents for our clients’ US corporations, representing our clients in performing any function that requires a physical presence in the USA.

For example, our Authorized Officers can:

  • Act as the official Secretary on record with State authorities
  • Handle all regulatory filings and manage the internal register of official corporate document
  • Open bank accounts for your US company
  • Sign documents in the US on behalf of your US company, including commercial contracts, lease agreements, and employment agreements
  • Assist with registration for sales tax in states outside your Home State

This unique US-based service enables you to enter the market faster, manage tax exposure, and remain responsive to issues as they arise.

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