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Three steps to incorporating your company in the USA.

Three steps to incorporating your company in the USA
Acclime helps you set up, manage & advance your business in the USA and beyond.

Acclime’s streamlined process ensures that your US corporation is registered and fully operational within four weeks of providing us with all necessary information. In this guide we explain the process of incorporation.

Through consultation with one of our experts, we establish your needs and advise you on what documentation to provide us in order to begin the registration process:

Step 1: File incorporation documents

Once you decide to launch the project and you have provided all the incorporation information we have requested, we will file your incorporation documents in your Home State.

Day 1

Step 2: All registrations completed

We will confirm that your corporation in officially registered in your Home State. Once incorporation is confirmed, we will finalise your registrations with IRS and get the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) issued.

Week 1-2

Step 3: Office registered & bank account opened

The final step involves us filing the applications for State Registration and Business Licence for your corporate office.

We can now assist you to open your corporate bank account, which can be completed from distance if you are unable to physically go to the branch.

Congratulations! You are ready to launch your operations!

Week 3-4

The whole process is relatively simple when registrations are handled by a professional team. The key to making the process as smooth as possible, and getting it completed within two weeks, is to make sure all details have been provided after careful consideration and consultation. Acclime’s team can help you be clear on matching your needs and expectations.

About Acclime.

Acclime is Asia-Pacific’s premier tech-enabled professional services firm. We provide formation, accounting, tax, HR and advisory services, focusing on delivering high-quality outsourcing and consulting services to our local and international clients in the USA and beyond.